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Blindfolded and Shared
Matt and girlfriend Cyprus are walking in the woods when she suddenly confides in him that she has a fantasy about blindfolding and then having some fun with him in a public place. Matt isn't sure but she says she likes the excitement of being outside and maybe getting caught. Cyprus blindfold and strips him before sitting him on a nearby tree stump. She starts to whisper naughty things as she starts to stroke him but then turns and gestures and we see in the distance that her two friends Rose and Ellena have been watching. The girls creep up and Cyprus even lets them have a go at stroking Matt's cock - all the time talking to him as if it is her hand still wanking him. Eventually the girls can't contain themselves and let out a giggle - Matt pulls the blindfold back and is shocked to see the three of them smiling and playing with his cock. He is having too much fun though and quickly pulls the blindfold back down and lets them carry on. It's not long before his cock erupts shooting cum high into the air much to the girls delight. Watch full story and entire video inside Pure Cfnm

Pure Cfnm Pics
Naughty Girl Shares Her Naked Boyfriend With Friends Outdoors!

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