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A Date Went Wrong
They just had finished a nice dinner but he made the mistake of trying to go to fast with her. And he paid the price for it. He asked if they could have sex. She got annoyed at the question but contained her anger. She told him she would like to see what he "has". She tells him to remove his clothes. He complies and upon seeing him naked she tells him to jerk off (she wants to see how big it gets) not satisfied she tells him to jerk off faster, "FASTER! she says its not getting hard enough!" He achieves his erection and she wants to see how athletic he is. She makes him do jumping jacks. He looks quite the fool doing this with his cock flopping up and down. She then makes him do push-ups. She then plants her foot in the middle of his back and climbs on top of him with her boots crushing his head to the ground and tells him "I dont fuck on the first date!" Video at Forced Men

Forced Men Pics
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