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Looks like Ruslik had a little too much to drink. And it's only the afternoon! What a drunk! Unfortunately for him, he was stumbling down the same path that Sarah and Jen were going down, and once he came close to running into them, he has gone too far. It was time to punish and humiliate this sauced bastard right away. "W..w...what's going on?" Ruslik stammered, trying to make heads or tails of the situation. "What did I do wrong?" "Shut up and do what we say, and you won't get hurt!" Jen explained to him as she made him get on all fours nude on the cold ground so she can ride him. Ruslik started looking for an exit, trying to hide his naked body, but there was none. After some more demoralizing tasks that made Sarah and Jen laugh and Ruslik blush in embarrassment, they pulled him over to a nice, stiff tree to finish what they started. "Keep those hands over your head!" Sarah yelled as Jen stroked his cock. "Please, I can't take any more!" Ruslik stated as they took turns stroking his now fully-erect dick. They knew he was embarrassed, but wanted to make sure that he was taken care of for their benefit. His balls became engorged as he moaned before shooting his load all over his chiseled abs. They made him taste his cum, and then warned him that the next time, they won't be so nice! And then they left him nude in the woods. He's so ashamed!
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