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Brandi Belle

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Brandi Belle - Crazy Chick Goes Wild For Cocks!
Meet horny girl who fantazies about cocks all the time!

Genre: Personal Cfnm

Only natural cfnm site out there which is not even supposed to be about cfnm. Brandi Belle’s a horny chick who writes and acts her own cfnm scenarios that most of the times comes out to be about cocks, jerking and sucking them. This makes it even more exciting to watch Brandi working not for the camera but for joy from the whole process and sticky reward in the end.

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Kobe Surprise

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Kobe Surprise - Japanese Chicks Play Cfnm Games!
Naughty Japanese girls interact with nude guys!

Genre: Asian Cfnm

First completely uncensored Asian Cfnm site with footage that has no pixelated areas over genitalias. There are genuine Japanese girls, extremely cute and fun, whose curiosity gets them into embarrassing situations with total strangers. English subtitles to movies help get the plot of the stories which range from picking chicks up from the street and making them compete in jerking off cocks to sharing dicks with girlfriend and participating and participating in xxx shows…

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Hey Little Dick

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Hey Little Dick - Small Dick Guys Humiliation!
British girls humiliate guys with small dicks!

Genre: Small Cock Cfnm

Cfnm has not been more embarrassing before Hey Little Dick site where nude guys get humiliated for having small penises. Check out this Brand New site from creators of Pure Cfnm, who bring us again hot European girls-next-door with their British humor to match. And here goes the twist - all guys have small penises. Of course, none of them is prepared to be laughed at and insulted about their little packages. And that’s exactly what goes on at this site. Clothed girls have fun at the expense of these guys as they giggle, tease, and suck off their tiny dicks…

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Cruelty Party

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Cruelty Party - Cfnm Femdom Parties!
Cruel American chicks abuse nude guys at parties!

Genre: Cfnm Humiliation

This site present a combination of female domination fetish and normal cfnm party that gone mad. Here groups of cruel ladies get drunk and then go against single stripper dudes who happen to be at the wrong place. They force vulnerable guys to lick feet, sniff panties, eat pussies and endure all the bondage punishment they have in store for them. Male strippers have their nipples twisted, balls tied with rope, cocks clasped with clothes pins and so on. Occasional blowjobs or handjobs also happen when young mistresses desire it…

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Penis Extender

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Penis Extender - Penis Enlargement Tool!
Mechanical penis extender that really works!

Genre: Small Cock Cfnm

For those who get offended while watching Hey Little Dick, where small cock guys get humiliated and insulted by groups of clothed chicks, there is a working solution. It can help to get bigger downunder and be proud instead of being laughed at while trying to impress curious young ladies. This blog features only quality products and just like any site described on its pages, Size Genetics is the product you can trust…

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Cfnm College

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Cfnm College - School For Clothed Females!
Lessons in cfnm for men and women!

Genre: Amateur Cfnm

Girls from girls only college undertake a program in sexual education. For this purpose they get regularly introduced to several guys sent from guys only college wgi get to serve as objects for them to explore and experiment with. Watch how naughty girls learn to control and manipulate males during a series of cfnm lessons aimed at providing them with knowledge they need to control their men in future lives. Often teachers, mature women, show those female students proper techniques of handling and holding nude males in different situations. Here men get fucked, humiliated, milked, punished and shared by groups of dominant clever girls…

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Cfnm Stories

After Cfnm Parties have sparked a lot of curiosity around Clothed Female Nude Men type of scenarios some porn producers who noticed the demand step up and started to make cfnm footage based on fantasy stories of their site members. This lite even more interest as now scenarios were coming from the same fans and fetish lovers as you and me. The first site to film such video stories was Cfnm Exposed launched back a few years ago. It was the first story line based site catering to cfnm audience in history. The idea was later taken on board and improved by Pure Cfnm which is currently the most popular site of this genre. Most of these members’ opinions influenced sites have forums access to which is normally included in the membership. Site owners who film the content interact with their members, encourage suggestions for upcoming shoots and even invite members to participate in their episodes. In fact, most of the guys filmed at cfnm story sites are ordinary Joes who get to be jerked off and judged by professional porn models…

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Cfnm Humiliation

The following category was inspired by a femdom world where empowered women enjoy absolute control over nude vulnerable men and guys love to be slaves to their mistresses’ naughty desires by following their commands and enduring painful punishments. It has got a name of Cfnm Humiliation that shows nude vulnerable men and fully clothed women who dominate them in various scenarios. Any naked guy naturally feels inferior in front of a dressed lady and each situation here gets further enhanced by application of domination principles that will make you feel uncomfortable just from watching them. Be warned that pictures of blue full of cum balls and red blooded cocks ready to explode are quite common in this area. These women treat male slaves like tools that have no right to complain and perform any request given to them. They obey without a single concern and suffer from it.

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Cfnm Parties

Girls only events, commonly referred to as ‘hen nights’ or bachelorette parties, are also called Cfnm Parties which feature various entertainment with nude guys involved for cock hungry drunk mature and college chicks who attend such shows. All of them are either caring wives or beloved girlfriends on their night out with female friends. Separately, each of them behaves adequately, while following all rules of English lady’s behavior, but when gathered in groups they tend to go totally out of control. Add alcohol to the mix and the result is explosive cocktail. The animal instinct of breeding takes over when they see a well-hung male stripper whom they want to engage into sexual intercourse with and the action begins. Even though sex with strippers in public is not allowed at most Cfnm Parties, it doesn’t stop extremely horny babes from sneaking backstage after the show and get their brains fucked out by big stripper dick…

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Femdom Dating Gallery

I came across this femdom gallery and dating site when I was looking for CFNM pictures to post here on my blog. I was really impressed by the number of galleries posted up by real life dominant women who just want to post pictures of themselves humiliating their slaves. Many of the galleries involve CFNM humiliation with the guys being forced to strip naked and worship their mistresses. But the thing that really blew me away was that so many of these women are actually looking for new guys to become their slaves! Wow, if you are looking for women to fulfil your CFNM fantasies, then look no further - this site is the fucking nuts!

Drunk Women