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Cfnm Parties

Girls only events, commonly referred to as ‘hen nights’ or bachelorette parties, are also called Cfnm Parties which feature various entertainment with nude guys involved for cock hungry drunk mature and college chicks who attend such shows. All of them are either caring wives or beloved girlfriends on their night out with female friends. Separately, each of them behaves adequately, while following all rules of English lady’s behavior, but when gathered in groups they tend to go totally out of control. Add alcohol to the mix and the result is explosive cocktail. The animal instinct of breeding takes over when they see a well-hung male stripper whom they want to engage into sexual intercourse with and the action begins. Even though sex with strippers in public is not allowed at most Cfnm Parties, it doesn’t stop extremely horny babes from sneaking backstage after the show and get their brains fucked out by big stripper dick…

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Femdom Dating Gallery

I came across this femdom gallery and dating site when I was looking for CFNM pictures to post here on my blog. I was really impressed by the number of galleries posted up by real life dominant women who just want to post pictures of themselves humiliating their slaves. Many of the galleries involve CFNM humiliation with the guys being forced to strip naked and worship their mistresses. But the thing that really blew me away was that so many of these women are actually looking for new guys to become their slaves! Wow, if you are looking for women to fulfil your CFNM fantasies, then look no further - this site is the fucking nuts!

Dancing Bear

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Dancing Bear - Male Strippers In Bear Costumes!
Naked bears interact horny girls in audience!

Genre: Cfnm Party

Brand new cfnm party site which saves the best traditions of true girls only nights with male strippers set by Extreme Cfnm in the UK five years ago. There is more genuine cfnm interaction between clothed girls and nude strippers, and only occasional sex after party. Only this time the action takes place in the US with local women involved, but it doesn’t get less crazier because of that. American chicks love cocks just as much and are happy to fondle stripper dick and balls with their filthy mouths when the action heats up.

Which is also exclusively to Dancing Bear and what I haven’t seen on other cfnm sites is the fact that male strippers come out with floppy cocks and girls from audience should work to get them hard and enjoy the result, which more realistic, cause guys have floppy dicks most of the time.

Oh, and they wear funny bear costumes too ;)

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Cfnm Adventures

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Cfnm Adventures - Women Enjoy Nude Men!
Clothed women adventures in the land of Cfnm!

Genre: Amateur Cfnm

First clothed females naked males site where the whole school gets involved into production. At times it seems that everyone beginning from college guys who gets nude and girls who takes the main roles to female teaches and even the dean in whose office the action sometimes is filmed in participate in the process. So enormous in scale this site is. This makes it possible for unique scenarios such as: mixed swimming, men auction, rugby league cfnm party with moms and others…

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Forced Men

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Forced Men - Nude Men Humiliation!
Empowered women in control of vulnerable men!

Genre: Cfnm Humiliation

Site devoted to naked men that love to be humiliated by fully clothed mistress. And features fresh collection of cfnm scenarios with white and black dommes milk cocks, massage balls, tickle and verbally abuse their slaves tied up against their will. Several episodes of nude men wrestled by ladies twice-the-size of them goes as a nice addition.

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Work My Cock

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Work My Cock - Cfnm Handjobs!
Hot clothed girls give handjobs to ordinary naked guys

Genre: Cfnm Handjobs

You’ve searched for perfect handjob site and ended up on this cfnm page. Your search is over. Work My Cock offers amazing babes in groups of two or three take turns in wanking hard cocks, humiliate guys and control their ejaculation. But also milk them like a cow and force to cum where they point to. Get your lube ready, sit back, relax and get the best handjob cfnm experience you’ve ever had.

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Extreme Cfnm

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Extreme Cfnm - Wives Misbehave with Strippers!
Watch drunk housewives misbehave with male strippers!

Genre: Cfnm Party

Real English and American housewives lick whipped creams off strippers cocks and attempt to suck them dry at real life hen nights. All 100% Genuine and filmed as it actually happens during crazy european cfnm parties where moms cross all the borders of ladies behavior. See them flash tits and join dancing male strippers on stage for closer look and feel of strangers dick inside.

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The Cfnm Site

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Cfnm Gold - Real Cfnm Episodes!
See clothed girls have fun at the expense of nude guys!

Genre: Fantasy Cfnm

Genuine cfnm episodes with more exciting scenes than ever, acted on the site members stories and staged by the most experienced professionals in the niche. No matter, if you are a member to any other cfnm site or think of joining your first one, this site delivers highest possible viewing pleasure with its big sized videos and detailed cfnm photos.

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Cfnm Exposed

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Cfnm Exposed - Cfnm Humiliation Scenes!
See practicant nurses inspect their first cock!

Genre: Fantasy Cfnm

The first Fantasy Cfnm site full-packed with fresh exclusive cfnm episodes feature naked guys stripped down and humiliated by groups of clothed chicks. ‘Vacumn Salesman’, ‘Sperm Donor’, ‘Nudist Cleaner’, ‘Birthday Present’ just to name some of the most exciting ones. View situations which goes beyond men control in photos and videos. You can request your own scene too.

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Cfnm Max

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Cfnm Max - Cfnm to The Maximum!
Stories about dressed up girls and nude guys!

Genre: Fantasy Cfnm

A huge production company after filming several updates for The Cfnm Site decides to create one of their own. Fresh participants, interesting story lines makes it a great choice when you are after Fantasy Cfnm and joined each of mentioned in this category sites before. New age quality of episode videos and pictures.

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